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Advantages of the microfiber glasses cloth
Mar 30, 2018

Microfiber glasses cloth are not only good for wiping, but also can be reused and economical. Microfiber glasses cloth specification is different, the color also includes many kinds, can be divided into pure white, pure green, pure yellow, pure red, pure blue 5 kinds.

一、 Advantages of microfiber glass cloth products:

Compared with other similar products, microfiber glasses cloth products have super absorbent capacity and strong decontamination ability. Besides, it is easy to wash, do not lose hair, do not produce bacteria, do not hurt the surface of the object, can be 121c high temperature steam sterilization, it is beautiful and practical.

Product features of microfiber glasses:

Microfiber glasses cloth products are specially made from imported super fine fiber raw materials, thus have excellent decontamination rate and lasting effect. The key ingredient is ultrafine fiber, so it doesn't hurt the surface, and the product is beautiful! The most suitable for dry cleaning, because of the special structure of the product, the effect is very good.

Introduction of the use effect of microfiber glasses cloth:

1. Microfiber glasses can achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the surface of the glasses in a short time;

2. Strong and flexible fiber, durable and never scratches the surface, leaving no trace;

3. The microfiber glasses can be repeated repeatedly, and the effect remains the same.

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