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Clean cloth cleaning tips
Apr 27, 2018

Generally used in semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, precision instruments, disc drives, material turnover boxes in semiconductor assembly lines, composite materials, display products, circuit board production lines, optical products, etc., clean cloth to clean the LCD screen The skills are as follows:

The first thing to say about the use of a pure water plant, talk about using clean water to clean the screen. That is, water that does not contain impurities, and this water is used to clean the glass, that is, the factory does not use pure water to clean the screen polarizer.

In the process of use, the substances that are decontaminated are often oily. These substances use water and are difficult to integrate into oily substances. When rubbed with a rag, the adsorption force is still very large, so it is better to wipe off the rags than to wipe them off. It is hard to be scraped off so that the appearance of the polarizer is great. Moreover, the clear water has a much stronger activity than the absolute alcohol, such as anhydrous alcohol to scrub the iron pieces, and the clean water to scrub the iron pieces. The latter is very easy.

Dust-free cloth's product features: excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function, can be sealed on both sides of the edge melting, ion release is low, not easy to cause chemical reactions! Optional Edge: Ultrasonic, Laser, Cold Cutting!

As a dust-free cloth, as a clean cloth, the manufacturers of cleaning cloths have different treatment methods, and the fibers appear in the diversity of dust-free cloths, resulting in the application of clean clothes in different industries.

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