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Cleaning requirements and application fields of glasses cleaning cloths
Apr 19, 2018

The glasses cleaning cloth is mainly woven through its special process during the production process. During the operation process, it does not contain any of its chemical drugs, and it has super absorbent properties when it is used, after wiping it The surface will not leave water stains.

Glasses cleaning cloth in the touch process is very smooth and soft and delicate, to a certain extent, it can effectively remove the grease and grease, to a certain extent, can protect the mirror does not scratch, no bleeding, no hair loss , not rot, can be repeatedly cleaned, long service life.

There are many kinds of glasses for cleaning fabrics: eyelash cloths mainly made of sheepskin, eyeglasses cloths made of ultra-fine fibers, and the like. In the course of use, there will be fast-absorbent materials, as well as eyeglass fabrics such as suede and fleece.

Cleaning requirements for glasses cleaning cloth

When cleaning the glasses cloth, it is best not to use clean water. During the operation, it can be effectively cleaned with its liquid detergent, effectively soaking the glass cloth in the cloth for 15 minutes, and then cleaning it. The material of the glasses cloth is also very important. Every time the glasses are washed, it is best to rinse the glasses with water. Glasses should be kept clean, you can go to the optical shop to use ultrasonic cleaning.

Application field of glasses cleaning cloth

Glasses cleaning fabrics are mainly used for various types of electronics, eyeglasses, glass, clocks, digital products, televisions, computers, LCD screens, precision instruments, crystals, furniture, etc. They can absorb a lot of water, dust and oil. The ready-made colors are: blue, green, pink, white, black, brown, brown, dark blue, gray, light yellow, orange, etc. Any color can be customized according to customer requirements.

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