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Correct use of glasses cloth a few big coup
Apr 28, 2018

Under the high magnification microscope, the fibers of the eyeglass cloth are arranged more closely than the fibers of the ordinary cloth, and the material itself is also softer than the ordinary cloth. This is because most of the current ophthalmic lenses are film-coated lenses, and each of the standard lenses has seven different functional layers on the anterior and posterior surfaces. Even if the ordinary fabric is soft again, long time dust particles in the air will be embedded in the fiber gaps of the fabric. Wiping glasses with such a cloth is exaggerating a bit like sandpaper. The dedicated glasses cloth is much better in this regard, but it is also necessary to pay attention to regular cleaning. There is a way to use it correctly. These must be paid attention to.

1. Use high-tech special weaving method to connect the fabric without losing wool; In case of stubborn or hard-stained stains, use special cleaning agents together to achieve better results.

2, LCD screen: can be used for TFT liquid crystal display, laptop screen, PDA cleaning, can be assured of use, does not hurt the screen coating coating, leaving no trace of scrubbing.

3, all types of optical disc cleaning: Scrub VCD, DVD discs, folding bright clean rag margin inward, scrub from the center of the disc to the margins, leaving no hair lumps and scratches. Tips: The life of the LCD screen, in addition to its own production elements, the key lies in conservation. The basic maintenance such as dust prevention, anti-oil and anti-humidity, regular cleaning of the screen, so that the outstanding operating conditions of the screen, extending the life of the most effective way.

4, appliance cleaning: can be used for LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, plasma TVs and other home appliances screen cleaning, quietly scrubbing the screen can be as clean as new.

5. Microfiber scrubbing cloth has a triangular cross-section and can be scraped off easily when scrubbed. Because the monofilament fiber is very fine, the external surface area increases, so it can absorb more water stains and oil stains.

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