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Cotton Textile Industry Climate Report
Apr 25, 2018

  In March 2018, China's cotton textile index was 48.31, an increase of 1.32 compared with February, in line with expectations. In March, as the festive atmosphere subsided, the company’s production and operations gradually entered formal, downstream demand increased, orders followed, product prices rose slightly, corporate profits improved, and the industry sentiment index rebounded seasonally. In April, the yarn factory orders were reduced, the weaving factory orders were slightly better, and the cotton textile boom index was steadily decreasing.

Raw material inventory index

  The raw material inventories index for March was 44.23, down by 0.2 compared with February, which was higher than expected. According to a study conducted by China Cotton Line Co., Ltd., the company’s stock of raw cotton was more than a month, and the stock of chemical fiber staples was basically used with purchase. In March, the production pace of enterprises has been significantly accelerated, and raw material inventory should have been increased to ensure continuous and stable production of the company. However, the frequent fluctuations in international cotton prices, the lower and lower reserve cotton prices, coupled with lower expectations for the prices of raw material The enterprises did not dare to increase raw material stocks in large numbers, and the market had a strong wait-and-see attitude. Data show that in March, raw materials inventory of cotton textile companies fell by 2.01%. Among them, raw cotton stocks fell by 2.71% month-on-month; non-cotton stocks rose by 0.49% month-on-month. Recently, domestic prices of cotton and viscose staple fibers have shown a weak trend. The operation of textile companies has become more careful, and the inventory level of raw materials remains low.

Production index

  The March production index was 50.16, an increase of 3.13 compared with February, a larger increase. According to the survey conducted by the association, in March, the company had a large amount of orders, in order to catch up with orders, and the equipment was operating at full capacity. The company reflects that the current raw material market has sufficient supply and the price is stable and weak. Although the raw material inventory level is low, it can also be purchased at any time to ensure the stable operation of production and greatly reduce the financial pressure on the company. In March, tracking company data showed that yarn production increased by 39.24% month-on-month, and cloth production increased by 30.20%. In April, the downstream procurement progress slowed markedly and the production index fell.

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