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Dust removal effect
Mar 12, 2018

Superfine Fiber dust-free cloth is usually shaped fibers, the fineness of the silk is usually only one-twentieth of ordinary polyester filament, in contrast, superfine fiber dust-free cloth and to be clean surface will have greater contact area! And in a greater contact area gives superfine fiber better dust removal effect! In addition, Superfine Fiber dust-free clothing cloth yarn is a cluster structure, it gives more micro-pores on the fabric, these tiny holes, than the ordinary polyester cloth on the micro-hole much smaller! Therefore, superfine fiber in this respect can show better adsorption of small particles of the ability!

From the material of the dust-free cloth, superfine fiber dust-free cloth can be polyester and nylon fiber composite materials, nylon fiber because of the molecular structure of a lot of hydrophilic groups, so its absorption is better than polyester (polyester because there is no hydrophilic groups, so the absorption is far less than nylon). According to the analysis: from the overall adsorption of sewage mechanism to say: 100% polyester dust-free cloth due to the fiber silk crystallization of high, and are usually round the fiber, so is the main surface adsorption force! The way the surface is adsorbed can lead to a relatively large distribution ratio between the dust-free cloth and the surface to be cleaned. And superfine fiber is more special-shaped fiber, the absorption of the sewage solution is also for the surface suction additional core suction, the core suction effect can firmly control the pollutants and thus not reverse pollution. So, superfine fiber is more able to remove more particles!

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