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Eyeglass cleaning cloth's main function and use advantages
Apr 20, 2018

Under high magnification microscope glasses can effectively see that their products will be more closely arranged than their ordinary fabrics, mainly because their own materials will be more flexible than ordinary fabrics, mainly because of the current Almost all spectacle lenses are film-coated lenses, and each of the standard lenses has seven different functional layers on the front and back surfaces.

During the process of using ordinary fabrics, even if it is re-soft, the dust particles in the air will effectively enter the gaps of the fibers of the fabrics. Such cloths are used to clean the glasses. Exaggerate a bit like sandpaper. The dedicated glasses cloth is much better in this regard, but it is also necessary to pay attention to regular cleaning.

The main function of glasses cloth

1. Eyeglasses cleaning cloth can effectively extend the life of the lens.

2. The eyeglass cloth can prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off the lens and leaving traces of water.

3. Eyeglasses cloth can completely remove the stubborn stains on the lens, making the picture clear.

4. Lens cloth disposable wipe lens clean, fast and convenient.

5. Remove the bacteria on the lens to achieve the disinfection function.

6. Eyeglasses cloth can also clean various glasses, resin and other materials on the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors to remove stains and absorb grease.

7. Wrapped glasses can act as a buffer to effectively prevent collisions or scratches from sharp hard objects.

8. Absorb the moisture attached to the lens holder and keep it dry.

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