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Five advantages of microfiber sunglasses bag
Apr 07, 2018

The so-called microfiber sunglasses bag refers to an eyeglass bag that is made of microfibers. The surface of the bag is smooth without stinging, and the inside is soft without damaging the lenses. And the microfiber sunglasses bag surface can also be printed, transfer and other kinds of craftsmanship, exquisite workmanship, thread handling clean, beautiful knot.

Compared with the traditional products, the microfiber bag is small and exquisite in appearance, easy to carry, free from the heavy sense of the box, and applies to all glasses. And can be cleaned, recycled, non-toxic green, healthy and economical. Here's a look at its five major advantages:

Advantage 1: It has strong water absorption. The material of the microfiber sunglasses bag is rather special. The microfiber has more pores, which can quickly absorb water and dry quickly, and is easy to clean.

Advantage 2: It has super decontamination ability. It is precisely because the material used in the microfiber sunglasses bag has a special cross-section structure, so it has a strong ability to remove dirt, oil removal effect is obvious.

Advantage three: No hair removal. There is no need to worry about hair removal during the use of microfiber sunglasses bags. This is because the material fiber is not easy to break, and it can still maintain beautiful appearance when used for a long time.

Advantage four: long service life. The lifespan of the microfiber sunglasses bag is very long. This is because the ultra-fine fiber itself has strong strength and toughness. It is still invariable after repeated washing, and it is not easy to rot and mold.

Advantage 5: easy to clean. This type of microfiber sunglasses bag made of microfiber can absorb dirt from the fiber instead of the fiber during use, so it is easy to clean. It only needs to use clean water or a little detergent. Make the microfiber sunglasses bag clean.

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