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Four bad habits that accelerate the damage of glasses
Aug 30, 2018

Whenever the glasses are used for a certain period of time, the small problems of the frames will slowly emerge. Many people think that the life of the glasses is up, but each time is the same. Get some conclusions from the professional mouth: Your usual habit of wearing glasses will definitely affect the life of the glasses.

Bad habits: I am used to taking off my glasses on one side, which can easily damage the temples.

Many people are used to taking off their glasses with one hand. Although it is only a small habit in life, after all, it is a bit troublesome for both hands to take off the glasses from the front, but if the hand is taken like a male god, the glasses are exposed. Handsome eyes, you may only have a bleak pair of bad glasses soon!

Removing the glasses on one side can easily lead to the loosening of the mirror pins on the other side. The screws are easy to loosen and break over time. Especially if the action is rude, it is more likely to break the screws directly, or the other temples are getting more and more open and more and more. Bend, the temples are easy to break.

Bad habit 2: Clean glasses with soap, hand wash, and shower gel

Usually we go to the optical shop to clean the glasses, the clerk will always tell you that cleaning glasses with detergent is the most appropriate, but sometimes when you go out to wash the dishes, everyone will wash with hand soap or soap, I do not know In fact, it is harmful to glasses.

At present, most of the lenses are multi-layer membrane structures. If acidic or alkaline soap is used, it is easy to damage the lens. In addition, soaps containing saponins are prone to scum, deep in the frame of the frame or in the slits, and ingredients such as shower gel and hand-washing milk will add grease, which will not remove the grease on the lens. There will be fog.

In addition to the special lotion for glasses, the best cleaning agent is superior to neutral dishwashing, and it is recommended to clean it at least once a day, which not only prolongs the life of the lens, but also allows you to maintain a clear view!

Bad habit 3: bathing, bathing, wearing glasses

Most eyeglasses often wear glasses into the bathroom when they take a bath, and even wear glasses together, or wear glasses when bathing in hot springs.

As mentioned above, the lens is now a structure using a multilayer film. When the lens is exposed to hot steam or hot water, the film peels off and expands and deforms. At this time, the water vapor easily enters the film layer, causing the lens to be released. The lens will not go back!

Therefore, no matter whether you take a bath or a hot spring, try to avoid wearing glasses, and do not put the glasses in the car for exposure. This is a behavior that makes the risk index higher.

Bad habit 4: use glasses to wipe glasses

We wear glasses for a long time outside, and there will be fine dust on the lens. If you wipe it directly with a glasses cloth and grind it with a small dust, it will certainly scratch the lens.

In addition, some glasses shop gifts from the glasses store are used to wrap the glasses to avoid scratching the glasses case and the lens. These glasses cloths are usually rough and easy to be used to make cotton wool. If they are directly wiped, the cotton wool will be caught in the groove.

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