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Healthy glasses are not a lens cleaner.
Mar 27, 2018

So many years!

The glasses fall on the dust, presumably most citizens' choice is to go to the glasses to admire a breath, take out the glasses cloth to wipe.

However, according to a recent post, "glasses are not used to wipe glasses, otherwise it will cause the lens to wear out; The glass cloth is only used to wrap the lens, and is separated from the glasses box... "

The net friend exclaims: "these years glasses all white wipe?"

According to the weibo account, Chen cheng, a senior optometrist at hefei guangming optical store, said that the effect of the glasses was indeed used to cover the lenses and prevent them from wearing out with the mirror box.

Chen cheng explained that the former lenses are optical glass lenses, which have good wear resistance and can be rubbed with glasses cloth. But now most of the eyeglasses are resin lenses, with poor wear resistance. Glasses cloth is mostly as a gift to consumers, so the cost is very low. Its fiber gap is bigger, the time is long will accumulate a lot of dust, so use such glasses cloth to wipe glasses will cause lens wear, the eraser is blurred.

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