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How about microfiber bath towels?
Mar 28, 2018

Advantages: microfiber towel internal structure is good, not only guarantee the products of excellent properties such as permeability, comfort, and super absorbent, at the same time in terms of fabric production USES the advanced sand washing, grinding milling technology, let the surface to form a layer of fluffy towels, smooth hair, can't afford to have not faded, dropping, ball and so on merits, use effect is very good.

Disadvantages: the ultra-fine fiber bath towel is produced by the more complicated process, the cost is higher, the price in the market is much more expensive than the ordinary towel. And because the fiber is very small, so the microfiber towel, poor resistance to high temperature in use should avoid to use hot water and clean all the time, it is this kind of fiber structure, let the microfiber towel is easy to absorb dust and stains, and that is a flaw in it.

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