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How to clean microfiber glasses cloth
Jul 11, 2018

How to clean microfiber glasses? Nowadays more and more people wear glasses, which are basically inseparable from glasses. I believe that people who wear glasses have had such personal feelings. When walking from the outside to the house in the cold winter, the glasses will not be clear and there is a layer of fog. At this time, we will take out the glasses cloth and wipe it. Therefore, the glasses cloth is particularly important, and the cleaning of the glasses cloth can not be ignored. We only know to clean the glasses, but we should pay more attention to cleaning the glasses cloth that wipes the glasses. Because if your glasses are dirty, the effect of wiping the glasses is also dirty. Therefore, we should also clean the microfiber glasses cloth regularly before cleaning the glasses.


How to clean it would be better?

Microfiber glasses cloth should be washed with detergent liquid. Do not dissolve the laundry liquid with water (preferably warm water), then soak the glasses cloth inside for 10-15 minutes. The material of the glasses cloth is very important. When cleaning glasses, use ultrasonic cleaning. If you feel trouble or inconvenience, you can use glasses to clean the glasses, but try not to scratch the glasses.


Nowadays, the use of microfiber glass cloth is more and more extensive, and it has penetrated into all walks of life and is a good companion for modern production. In fact, the glasses cloth does not need to be too much maintenance, just pay attention to cleaning. This cloth has a long service life and customers can safely use it for a long time.

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