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How to Maintain Microfiber Glasses Cloth?
Apr 06, 2018

The lens of maintenance and cleaning should be given priority to with water, the glasses with a cloth is package, don't use dry cloth to wipe directly, because there are many tiny dust particles on the lens, if dry clean the dust particles would let the cloth on your lens friction back and forth, to put it bluntly just like sandpaper, wipe with sand paper back and forth on the lens.

Over time your lenses get hairy. Dirty with oil, and rinse with tap water, add detergent to wash or hand wash, rush clean with clear water, then use the napkin gently blot, wash out this lens is clean and not damage film! After washing your face every morning, wash your glasses and lenses with hand sanitizer. Mirror cloth is usually placed in the box before the glasses are put on the glasses, not to wipe the glasses. If you use a mirror cloth or cloth to dry your lens every time, the new lens won't be worn for half a year and you will lose it, which will affect the clarity and the beauty.

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