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iPad Touch Screen Wiper Cloth features
Sep 07, 2018

The iPad is one of the most popular electronic products for modern consumers. In the process of using it, the iPad screen usually leaves various fingerprints, sweat stains and oil stains. Not only does it affect the appearance, it will also have a corrosive effect on the machine for a long time without cleaning, so it is necessary to clean the screen regularly. iPad cleaning cloths are currently available for good cleaning results.


This kind of iPad cleaning cloth is specially made of microfiber raw materials and has strong decontamination ability, and will not damage the screen and keep the product beautiful. The structure of this product is specially made, so the dust and dust are 4-5 times higher than the general products. It has the ability of super decontamination, and is easy to clean, no lint, no bacteria, and does not harm the surface of the object.


When using the iPad cleaning cloth for screen cleaning, the whole process is very simple. First use the iPad cleaning cloth to gently wipe off the fingerprint on the screen surface. If the cloth has strong decontamination ability, the surface of the wiped screen looks very clean, not only will it be clean. Thoroughly remove stubborn stains without any effect on the transparency of the film.

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