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Is microfiber cloth pure cotton?
Mar 12, 2018

Microfiber, first we have to understand what is superfine fiber.

Microfiber is a new kind of fiber that has been popular in recent years and has more f in the same weight. The fibers are even smaller. Because of this characteristic, it shows better water absorption and better feel.

Because people began to use this fabric: dry hair magic towel, dry hair towel, quick dry shower cap, bathrobe, bath skirt, fast dry towel, computer cleaning cloth, quick dry mop, professional wipe car towel, wash car towel, wipe tablecloth, men dry hair towel, ladies beauty jie, bath towel, eye cloth, baby dry hair suction towel, household cleaning towel, pet towel, mop head, fancy yarn , mop ropes, mop, cleaning gloves and other applications in these fields. Superfine fibres can be woven by knitting and weaving.

If from the kind of words: all kinds of superfine fiber fleece (Velvet), pearl towel, pineapple lattice (waffle), wheat grain cloth, fancy yarn, sandwich, net gingham, glass cloth, glasses cloth, lattice towel, weft-drawn strip, stripe weft, light warp, light weft knitting, warp knitting, weft knitting and so on.

Raw materials generally have polyester superfine fiber fabrics and polyamide polyester composite superfine fiber.

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