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Japan leads the global microfiber cloth market in the high-end market.
Mar 26, 2018

Japan is the world's most advanced microfiber synthetic leather technology, and has monopolized the high-end market. Japan's synthetic leather is basically made of ultrafine synthetic leather, and the annual production rate of artificial leather is above 20%.

In 2003, the production of artificial leather in Asia reached 176,757 million m2, of which 516.56 million m2 was produced in Japan. Japan of microfiber artificial leather not only coke lili technology, other companies such as teijin, toray, agms, mitsubishi, kanebo and other companies also have their own development of microfiber artificial leather technology, and adopt various measures to break into the Chinese market at present, however, is not the same with each other.

South Korea, Taiwan's synthetic leather production factory with the extremely fine fiber artificial leather as the center, the production high durability, the high functional high grade differential material history is relatively long. At the same time, according to all kinds of grain production of various fashion materials, Italy synthetic leather manufacturer in China, the pursuit of synthetic leather of the low price, achieve enterprise of microfiber leather, synthetic leather industry attention. At present, in the leather field of athletic shoes, China, South Korea and Taiwan form a three-way trend.

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