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Life and function of Embossed Eyeglasses Cloth
Aug 17, 2018

In the process of operation, the printed spectacle fabric can effectively produce various sizes of block cloth according to the requirements of its customers, as well as cloth surface grinding, embossing or printing of designated signs and patterns for various types of packaging. The printed spectacle fabric makes the material extremely soft during the main production. The main purpose is to effectively remove dust, oil and hand on the surface of the object, and never damage the surface of the object.


Embossed Eyeglasses Cloth function

In the process of printing glasses, when the stubborn stains remaining on the lenses are completely removed, the picture can be made clear, and another liquefaction conversion technology of biomass energy is to pre-process the biomass after pulverization. In the reaction equipment, the catalyst is added or not, and the chemical reaction is converted into liquefied oil. The United States, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, and Canada have successively carried out research and development work. The calorific value of the liquefied oil has helped three projects to the biomass. As the raw material, the characteristics of the glasses cloth and the cleaning method, the rapid pyrolysis technology is used to prepare the test scale of the liquefied coalition organization, and it is planned to further expand to the production application.

Life of printed glasses


The fibers of the printed spectacle fabric are arranged more closely than the fibers of the ordinary fabric, and the material of the fabric is softer than the ordinary fabric. This is mainly because the spectacle lenses are almost always coated lenses, and each standard lens is used. There are seven layers of different functional layers on the front and back surfaces.

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