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Lint Free Microfiber Cloth functional requirements and cleaning ability
Jul 21, 2018

The most remarkable feature of the functional application of microfiber-free microfiber cloth is that the density of monofilament thread is higher than that of ordinary fiber, which can reach 0.0001 dtex, and the linear density of monofilament is sharply reduced. To some extent, there are many super fibers. Different from the characteristics of conventional fibers, it has silky softness, smooth hand feeling, soft gloss, low bending rigidity, easy bending, fabric surface softness, good drape and soft hand feel.

The lint-free microfiber cloth is dense to some extent due to the inter-fiber voids, and can be utilized to some extent by capillary action, so that the fabric can obtain excellent water absorption and oil absorption performance, and the fabric has high cleaning ability and Decontamination ability.

Due to its low density and large voids, the fleece-free microfiber cloth forms a microporous structure to a certain extent, and the microporous fabric has a dense inner space, and the fabric is ultra-high density, light in weight, and waterproof and moisture permeable. The ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure, and if processed into a towel-like fabric that can be wetted by water, it has high water absorption, and the washed hair can quickly bring water with the towel. Aspirate.

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