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Main function of Microfiber Suede Cleaning Cloth
Sep 08, 2018

Microfiber suede cleaning cloth has super absorbent and super decontamination ability, and can be reused and economical. Since the microfiber suede cleaning cloth is made of lipophilic fiber, it can be quickly absorbed when it comes into contact with oily substances, without having to rub the surface hard to scrape off the grease, and also reduce the friction on the fine surface.


In addition to the ability to quickly remove oil, cleaning with a microfiber suede cleaning cloth can effectively avoid secondary contamination and damage to the surface without the use of detergents. This is because the surface of the unique vacuum cleaner increases the contact area when wiping, and quickly and efficiently absorbs dirt and dust and winds them up.


Moreover, after a long period of use, the microfiber suede cleaning cloth can be washed many times and the effect remains unchanged. We can use microfiber suede cleaning cloth to wipe DSL, PSP body and screen, LCD screen, computer TV monitor, camera lens, precision instrument surface, car and CD.

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