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Microfiber characteristics
Aug 01, 2018

(1) The fineness of the mono-filament of the microfiber and the cross-sectional diameter of the mono-filament are smaller than those of the silk or other natural fibers, and the crimp modulus is low, so that the texture of the fabric is soft and delicate.

(2) The microfiber mono-filament has low bending rigidity, soft hand feeling, and good fabric drape. However, this also affects the crimping rate of the deformed filaments. The smaller the bending rigidity, the smaller the crimp ratio and the worse the bulkiness, while making the fabric less sturdy.

(3) The absolute strength of the microfiber is low, but because of its small linear density, the same number of yarns have more fiber cross-section than conventional yarns, so the total strength of the yarn is higher. This is advantageous for the fluffing or sand washing treatment of the fabric in the post-processing to prepare high-grade fabrics such as suede and velvet, and the product has better wear resistance and wrinkle resistance.

(4) The microfiber has a large specific surface area. The same linear density of the microfiber yarn surface area is about twice that of the conventional fiber yarn, thereby improving the bulkiness, coverage and absorption of the fabric.

(5) Microfiber has good bundling and woven properties, and is suitable for kinds of machine production such as water spray, jet, shuttle, gripper, rapier and knitting.

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