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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Aug 30, 2018

Product Features:

1. Rapid removal of oil: Made of lipophilic fiber, it can be quickly absorbed when it comes into contact with oily substances, without having to rub the surface hard to scrape off the grease, also reducing the friction on the fine surface.

2.high-efficiency micro-vacuum roll: the unique surface of the vacuum roll increases the contact area when wiping, quickly and efficiently sucks dirt and dust, and winds them up to avoid secondary pollution and damage the surface, and does not need to use detergent.

3.washing method: can be washed many times, keeping the effect unchanged.

4.unique flat fiber: unique flat fiber to effectively absorb dirt and fine dust, ordinary round fiber often flatten the dirt instead of rolling up, it is difficult to effectively remove dirt or fine dust, may also leave fluff.

5.versatility: can wipe DSL, PSP body and screen, LCD screen, computer TV monitors, camera lenses, precision instrument surfaces, cars and CDs and other items.

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