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Microfiber cleaning cloth function and decontamination ability
Aug 04, 2018

Microfiber cleaning cloth has the ability of super absorbent and decontamination. It is easy to clean, lint-free, non-bacterial, and does not damage the surface of the object. It can change the original microfiber during operation. The shortcoming of the single weaving style, the embossed shape of the towel and the surrounding woven strips are integrated into one. Both beautiful and practical.

Microfiber cleaning cloth function

1. Microfiber cleaning cloth can quickly remove oil stains. It can be made of lipophilic fiber during production. It can absorb to some extent when it comes into contact with oily substances.

Firmly rub the surface to scrape off the grease, also reducing friction on the fine surface.

2. Microfiber cleaning cloth High-efficiency micro-vacuum roll, the surface of the unique vacuum roll increases the contact area when wiping, quickly and efficiently sucks dirt and dust, and winds them up to avoid secondary pollution and damage. Surface and no need to use detergent.

3. The cleaning method of the microfiber cleaning cloth can be washed several times during the operation, so that the effect can be maintained.

4. Microfiber cleaning cloth has a unique flat fiber to effectively absorb dirt and fine dust. Generally, ordinary round fiber often flattens the dirt instead of rolling up, which is difficult to effectively remove dirt or dust, and may still leave hair. Float.

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