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Microfiber Cleaning Products Feature
Mar 17, 2018

Superfine fiber's biggest feature is strong suction force, fast to capture the dust particles, to oil, the decontamination effect is very obvious, and so on.

Microfiber cleaning products can be used in the field of high-precision trust, such as cleaning lenses, camera lenses, don't worry about damage its surface.

Clean ability: superfine fiber filament quality is very good, strong and powerful, won't appear the phenomenon of fibers. The items in the cleaning does not cause any surface damage. Microfiber cleaning cloth can also small and delicate loop through it evenly catch dust, grease and dirt, without leaving any traces.

Water absorbing capacity: ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth has excellent water absorption performance, and can quickly spread into the cloth.

Durability: the superfine fiber cloth can quickly clean, eliminate stains, dirt, dust on the surface of a trace, and regular cleaning cloth there is a big difference. Superfine fiber products can be roughly 600 times washed (durability is about up to two years).

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