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Microfiber: the spinning method of multilayer composite fiber
Apr 04, 2018

The cross-section of multilayer composite fiber is flat, and the bending rigidity is very different. The thin side is soft and the thick one is hard. The polyester and nylon interactive composite fiber can be stripped in the dyeing process, and the titer is 0.22~0.33dtex. The stripping can also be done after the fabric is made, and it can also be carried out in the desiring scouring process.

Jet spinning method

The method is a row of fine holes from the edge of the nozzle, and the molten polymer discharges from the pores of many tiny spinnerets and then blows away with the hot wind. The main body is fine fiber because the method adopts the form of blown melt polymer. But it is also suitable for making thin, uneven short fibers that fuse with each other. The fine fiber and the coarse fiber are extruded into a mixture, which can be found in the flakiness and the excellent moisturizing flakes. The disadvantage of this method is that the molecular orientation of the fiber is low.

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