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Microfiber towel foreground analysis
May 16, 2018

First, consumer demand: Knitting daily necessities is closely related to people's lives. From the family to the public places everywhere, nowhere to be used can be said: Everyone must use, every family must, as people's material living standards continue to improve, people The demand for quality of life is also constantly increasing. The relative consumption of knitwear is also expanding. For example, the consumption of towels has increased from 1 per year in the 1990s to 3 per year in 2000; at the same time, according to the living environment Change, people's desire for the function of towels has also become more and more intense to meet the needs of modern people's lives.

The Second, the macro-capacity: One of the most important products in the knitwear category is towels. Take the family of four as an example. The urban family consumes an average of 10 or so (only refers to household consumption, excluding public consumption), and the average annual consumption of rural households. About six, therefore, the national towel demand capacity in more than ten billion, and this demand is still expanding, so the industry often speak of "small towel, big market."

The Third, the competitive environment: The production of towels has always followed the traditional process, the use of raw materials has also been cotton and chemical fiber and cotton blended, and the competition between production companies has always been concentrated in the narrow variety of color varieties in the region, in consumption The area of demand for functional appeal and quality connotation has not been a breakthrough. At present, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of the environment, the many annoyances brought about by the use of traditionally thick towels have become more apparent. Thus, a revolution in the quality of towels is inevitable.

The Fourth, investment risk: Microfiber towels have no shelf life, everyone needs, is a duplicate consumer goods, and the operating capital is small, the input can be varied, the sales technology is low, easy to operate, the market risk is small, almost zero.

The Fifth. Product Advantages: Microfiber towels have good water absorption, strong adsorption capacity, and antibacterial and antibacterial ability. They are easy to wash and dry, and do not leave any lumps or water marks on the objects and have no odor. A change of cotton towels is easy to dirty, difficult to clean, smelly and other shortcomings. The microfiber towel has a neat appearance, neat trimming, fine workmanship, soft and comfortable feel. Our factory's microfiber towel is a substitute for traditional towel. The market demand is huge, the product is rich, the variety and specification are all in full, the packaging is exquisite, the product price has a higher price-effectiveness ratio, and it is easily accepted by consumers and easy to promote.

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