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Microfiber Usage
May 30, 2018

The fabric made of it, after sanding, sanding, and other high-level finishing, forms a layer of appearance resembling peach hair, and is extremely bulky, soft and smooth. The high-end fashion, jacket, and T made from this fabric are used. Cool and comfortable shirts, underwear, skirts and other cool, sweat-absorbing is not personal, full of youthful beauty.

Foreign use of microfiber as high-grade artificial suede, both similar to the appearance of the leather, feel, style, and low prices; due to ultra-absolute fiber Fine and soft, use it to make a clean cloth with excellent decontamination effect.

It can wipe various glasses, video equipment, and precision instruments without any damage to the mirror surface. Ultra-high-density fabrics with extremely smooth surfaces can also be made with microfibers. The use of sportswear such as skiing, ice skating and swimming can reduce resistance and help athletes to create good results. In addition, microfibers can also be used in various fields such as filtration, medical care, and labor protection.

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