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Microfiber Usage
Jul 06, 2018

Because the microfiber is thinner than the conventional fiber, it is more fluffy and softer than the general fiber, and can overcome the disadvantages of the natural fiber being wrinkled and the man-made fiber being gas-tight. In addition, it has many irreplaceable characteristics such as warmth, no mold, no insects, light weight, waterproof and even water absorption.

The types of microfibers include ultrafine viscose, ultrafine nylon, ultrafine polyester, superfine polypropylene, superfine acrylic, and the like.

The use of microfibers is more and more extensive, and it is mostly applied to high-grade materials such as artificial leather, medical materials, and high-grade filter materials. At present, it is also possible to directly produce ultrafine fibers by melt-blown method, which is generally used for advanced filter materials.

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