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Microfiber wiping function mobile phone bag
Aug 24, 2018

Most of the mobile phone bags on the market are now made of ordinary materials, which can only serve the general protection of mobile phones. A new mobile phone bag with a wiping function has been developed, which seems to be a simple and small improvement, but it has provided great convenience to people.


This mobile phone bag is made of Microfiber microfiber double-faced velvet wiper, which can effectively clean fingerprints and oil stains and protect the mirror from scratches. When the cloth surface is dirty, it can be cleaned with neutral detergent or water.

The product is suitable for cleaning various electronic devices such as cameras, smart phones, iPods and MP3 players. When the cloth is dirty, it can be cleaned with a neutral detergent or water. After drying, it can be reused.


1. This cloth can effectively eliminate surface oil, dust, static electricity, soft texture, and never damage the surface

2. This product is made of polyester and nylon microfiber. Its fiber is 1/500 of human hair, which is an epoch-making high-tech product.

3. Dirty can be washed with water without affecting its texture and no effect

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