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Performance test of superfine fiber dust-free cloth
Mar 12, 2018

Charge Surface Density method


The sample is put into the Faraday barrel after rubbing the friction device to measure the charge surface density of the dust-free cloth.

Second, test steps

1, the two hand-wrapped standard cloth friction rod ends, from the front to the body side friction dust-free cloth samples, about 1s friction five times a row.

2, hold the end of the insulation rod, so that the rod and pad to keep parallel to the pad from the plate, and in the 1s quickly into the Faraday cylinder, at this time, dust-free cloth samples should be from the human body or other objects 300mm or more.

3. Read the voltage value indicated by the electrostatic voltmeter and calculate the charge surface density.

4, each sample three times test, after each test should be eliminated, until the sample is not charged, the next test.

5, take the average value of the test three times as the measurement of the sample.

6, the test results of four dust-free cloth samples are averaged, as the measured value of the sample.

7, the test results should also be recorded in the maximum value measured.

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