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Process requirements for printed microfiber drawstring glasses pouch
Aug 21, 2018

Printed fiber drawstring glasses bag is very suitable for high-grade myopia mirror, reading glasses, sunglasses, the inside of the mirror bag is soft and delicate, it will not grind the lens when it is operated, it is very convenient and light, easy to carry, and it can avoid carrying the large mirror box. The troubles.


In the process of making the printed fiber drawstring glasses bag, the workmanship is very fine, and the surface feel is very good. The mouth of the mirror bag is inlaid with a drawstring, which is free to expand and contract, and the glasses are safely protected, and it is difficult to slide out. The ultra-fine fiber new technology material has strong water absorption and no water stain on the surface after wiping.


Printed fiber drawstring glasses bags are generally double-faced fleece polishing, so that the mirror surface can be protected from scratches to a certain extent, wiping thoroughly, no lint, no decay, and long service life. Glasses and glasses bags will age over time, which is precisely the attraction of the project. "I am happy to do these designs. Because I like what people can use. These fabrics get dirty with people's use, but I like it, see how these things are used and how they change.

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