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The advantages of drawstring glasses pouch in the jewelry industry
Apr 21, 2018

Drawstring glasses pouches are mainly made of ultra fine fiber double-bristled fabrics during the production process. When used, the hand feels very soft and delicate. The bag body can be screen printed or embossed with LOGO. Easy to carry, in addition to being used to store products, can also play a role in cleaning the surface of the product.

Drawstring glasses bags will not have their scratching and fluffing, so that the mirror dust and stains can be quickly removed to some extent. Drawstring glasses bags are also very suitable for its application to high-grade pearls, precious stones, night pearls, and bracelets.

The advantage of using a Drawstring Bag in the jewelry industry is that the interior of the product is soft and delicate and does not grind jewelry. Microfiber manufacturing, velvet surface texture is very good, fine workmanship. Embroidered drawstrings in the mouth of the jewellery bag are freely retractable to protect the jewelry and prevent it from slipping out.

The surface of the Drawstring Bags is delicate and soft. The materials can be made of Quandi, T/C compound, low-carbon and environmental protection, water absorption and dust removal, and can be used for grinding and plain weave, double grinding, single grinding, and can provide inspection reports. Can provide transfer printing, screen printing, hot press and other printing methods, the LOGO printed on the glasses bag, more intuitive and environmentally friendly. According to the customer LOGO goods, vivid patterns, with a strong publicity and brand effect.

Drawstring eyeglasses bags are environmentally friendly, water-absorbing and dust-removing to a certain extent, and do not affect the containment and wiping effect. They are mainly used in resins, electronics, MP3, cameras, mobile phones, LSI, IC computers, office equipment, glasses, lenses, and CDs. , recording, video heads, jewelry, watches and other fields.

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