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The benefits of using professional lens cloth
Jun 05, 2018

People who wear glasses will have a lot of inconveniences. For example, when entering the house from the outside in winter, myopia will be directly in front of the eyes. The world will also look at it.

Less than! If you wear glasses for a long time, it will inevitably fall onto the dust. Not to mention that some cities have more smog in autumn and winter. Dirty glasses What to do? Most people's reaction may be to breathe glasses, take out glasses and even lift the sleeves Just start to wipe. But you know, this method is easy to damage the lens.

The fiber gap of clothing is large, and many accumulated dust will accumulate over a long period of time. If there is a dust with a higher hardness inside the cloth(For example, fine sand, quartz hardness of 7) can scratch the lens, so wiping glasses in this way will only Counterproductive, the more blurred the more rubbing.

Glasses generally use optical glass lenses or resin lenses, which have good abrasion resistance and are prone to scratches. Under the microscope, the scratches on the surface of the lens are mainly divided into two types. One is that scratches caused by grit are shallow and small, and those wearing glasses are not easily noticeable; the other is scratches produced by larger grit and are deep. Rough surroundings and central areas can affect vision.


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