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The correct way to use microfiber cloth
Aug 13, 2018

1. Microfiber cloth should be used exclusively by special personnel. The amount of microfiber cloth used per person per day should be 4-5. Divided into face washing, foot washing, bathing and daily personal maintenance of small microfiber cloth, and women also need to add a personal sanitation microfiber cloth.

2. Pay attention to the hygiene of microfiber cloth, do diligent washing, diligent cooking, diligent drying, and disinfect the microfiber cloth once a week. Do not hang wet microfiber cloth in an unventilated bathroom, because bacteria and viruses live longer in wet microfiber bristle, and the breeding speed increases geometrically.

3. Everything has a lifespan. Home textile experts believe that the service life of microfiber cloth is generally about 3 months. The microfiber cloth that has passed the service period is dirty and hard, which will endanger health and become a new source of pollution.

4. When purchasing microfiber cloth products, you should carefully choose not to be cheap. Many low-cost microfiber fabrics look beautiful and feel good, but they are actually made from waste raw materials and inferior chemical dyes. Some chemical dyes also contain benzene ammonia carcinogens. People taking this kind of microfiber cloth to wash their face is like washing their face with industrial waste water, which will seriously damage the skin and endanger health.

5. The difference between qualified microfiber cloth and counterfeit microfiber cloth: The qualified microfiber cloth is fluffy and soft to the touch, and has fine moisture absorption, heat insulation and heat resistance. Counterfeit microfiber cloth is easy to pilling, color is not breathable, and water absorption is not strong

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