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The correct way to use superfine fiber dust-free cloth is this
Mar 12, 2018

The right way to use superfine fiber dust-free cloth is this! Little friends want to know? Many clean rooms, dust-free workshop will use ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth, dust-free wipe cloth and other clean room supplies. The use of superfine fiber dust-free cloth on the market is more and more widespread, but if the use of superfine fiber dust-free cloth is not correct, it will not only damage the commodity itself, but also form unnecessary waste. Next together with the Suzhou stars Lin to study the use of superfine fiber dust-free cloth.

Exactly how to use superfine fiber dust-free cloth properly? Because the market of ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth prices are different, because the quality is not the same, the price is very different. So do not blindly pursue low prices and do not pay attention to high quality, or the time to buy the superfine fiber dust-free cloth to use up to the clean standard, it is not worth the candle.

A, when it comes to superfine fiber dust-free cloth, we have to know that superfine fiber dust-free cloth can be dipped in solvent scrubbing, can also be directly scrubbed;

B. Wear clean gloves and masks when using and unpacking;

C, scrub the dust-free cloth around the inside, can not use the edge of dust-free cloth to touch the surface of the scrub;

D, the use of dust-free cloth to adhere to the flat, can not rub, mobile scrubbing should be hard to the fabric of the fiber and scrub thoroughly touch, to ensure that the same direction of scrubbing, can not be repeated back and forth scrub;

E, note that in the absence of dust-free cloth, please seal in time, after unpacking not exposed in the air.

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