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The main advantages and characteristics of microfiber cloth
Apr 18, 2018

Microfiber cloth is known to a certain extent as its synthetic fiber. To a certain extent, it is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw material. Microfiber cloth is a new trend toward the development of high-tech and high-tech fiber. Typical representative of fiber.

Microfiber cloths are mainly ultra-fine and woven with tough fibers during the production process. They have a super-strong tissue structure during the production process, and are soft and tough when used, and do not damage the work and reduce the work. Dust low ion content advantages.

Microfiber cloth is a new generation of synthetic fiber. To a certain extent, it is a high-quality and high-tech textile raw material. Upward to a certain extent, it is a typical representative of new synthetic fibers that are developed in the direction of high-tech and high-fidelity chemical fibers. . Due to the small diameter of the fiber, its bending stiffness is very small and its handle is particularly soft.

The surface area of the microfiber cloth is large, so the coverage, warmth, and bulkiness of the fiber fabric are improved to a certain degree. The surface area of the fiber has more contact with dust or oil, and the oil stains from the fiber surface. There is more opportunity for the gap to penetrate, so it has a strong cleaning function.

Microfiber cloths will effectively make their fibers into ultra-high-density fabrics to some extent. The gap between the fibers is between the diameter of the water droplets and the diameter of the water vapor droplets, so the fabric has a waterproof and vapor-permeable effect. The fibers have many fine pores between the microfibers and form a capillary structure. If processed into a towel-like fabric that can be wetted with water, it has high water absorbency. The washed hair can quickly absorb moisture by using this towel. Get out and make your hair dry faster.

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