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The main characteristics of the glasses pouch and soft and delicate advantages
Apr 23, 2018

The glasses pouch is very suitable for high-grade myopia, sunglasses and reading glasses during the use process. During the use of the bag, the inside of the mirror bag is soft and delicate, and during use, there is no situation of grinding the lens. Convenient, lightweight and easy to carry.

The use of glasses bags to a certain extent, effectively solve the annoyance of people can not carry the large mirror box, in the production process using its velvet surface texture is very good, fine workmanship. Inside the mouth of the mirror bag, a pull-out cord is embedded to allow it to flex freely, protecting the glasses and making it difficult to slide out.

Glasses bags in the production of effective use of its new microfiber technology materials, in the process of production of its water absorption, the surface of the product after wiping will not leave water stains, to a certain extent, double-sided The nap is polished to protect the mirror from scratches; it is thoroughly wiped, does not lose hair, does not rot, and has a long service life.

The interior of the glasses bag is very soft and delicate, does not grind the lens, is convenient, light and portable, and provides public products and the public economy should develop and represent the public interest and the subject pursuing the maximization of the public interest to undertake and promote.

Glasses bag features

The glasses bag is mainly made of 100% microfiber (80% polyester + 20% nylon). Advantages: Thick, soft and absorbent, compared to the ultra-fine fiber towels, the grade is higher.

Glasses pouches velvet surface texture is very good, fine workmanship. As the ancient Chinese architectural space can make people understand it from different mental states and moods and become part of their own lives, it is a space with a time dimension.


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