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The method of the identifying of the true and fake microfibers.
Apr 05, 2018

1. Hand touch. The quality of the microfiber feels delicate and soft, and has a sticky touch (the microfiber can touch the very tiny hairs on the skin). The product that is mixed with the eye is not sticky feel to feel, feel the flexibility slightly, just like the kind of eye movement clothing that sells in ordinary times (now few people use, main in poor and backward rural market); The product that mixed cotton is touched also does not have sticky hand feeling, feel a bit like pure cotton towel, above already explained!

2. Use method. The microfiber towel used when washing a face, with good quality, such as twist dry wash face after will feel dragged motionless, resistance (superfine fiber can go deep into the internal pore, towel too when high friction, so with particular emphasis on in the product description to wet cleaning); This will not be evident when used in products that are added to the eye or cotton.

3. Check the water absorption. Can do a simple test, some water on the table, will be water absorption test, several kinds of towels, respectively, with good quality microfiber towels absorb water quickly and, several other less water absorption is slower.

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