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The role and use of microfiber glasses cloth
Jul 13, 2018

Microfiber cloth is still among the most popular types of eyeglass cloth, and sales are still able to dominate the market because it has the following effects.

 It can prolong the service life of the lens; prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping the lens off the dander and leaving water marks; thoroughly remove the stubborn stains left on the lens to make the picture clear; the one-time wiping lens is clean, fast and convenient; remove the bacteria on the lens To achieve the function of disinfection; clean the surface of glasses, glass mirrors and other mirrors of various types of glass, resin, etc., remove stains, wash hands and grease; wrap glasses can play a buffering role, effectively preventing collision or sharp hard object scratch damage ; absorb the moisture attached to the frame and keep it dry.

 In addition to the function of wiping glasses, it can also wipe other LCD screens, such as cameras, mobile phones, and televisions.

 When wiping the glasses, the microfiber glasses cloth is used to avoid entrainment of fine sand-wearing lenses. Cleaners should not be corrosive. The sweat of the human body is also corrosive. If the glasses are stained with sweat, they should be cleaned in time.

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