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What is polyamide fabric?
Mar 29, 2018

Polyamide fabric is commonly referred to as nylon fiber fabric, which is made of nylon material into very fine fibers and woven. Polyamide fibre is the name of polyamide fiber in China. Good abrasion resistance and good elasticity. It can be spun and blended for all kinds of material and knitwear. There are many kinds of nylon, including nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11 and nylon 610. The main ones are nylon 66 and nylon 6.

The characteristics of nylon fabric can be summarized as follows:

1. The wear-resisting property is the top of all kinds of fabrics, which is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so it has excellent durability.

2. Moisture absorption is a good variety in synthetic fabrics, so the clothes made of nylon are more comfortable than polyester.

3. Light fabric, which is only listed in polypropylene and acrylic fabrics in synthetic fabrics, so it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes, winter clothing, etc.

4. Elastic and elastic recovery is excellent, but small external forces are easy to deform, so the fabric can be easily crumpled in the process of wearing.

5. Both heat resistance and light resistance are poor. The condition of washing and maintenance should be paid attention to in the process of wearing, so as not to damage the fabric.

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