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What is the difference between glasses cloth and ordinary cloth?
Sep 05, 2018

What is the difference between glasses cloth and ordinary cloth?

Glasses are an indispensable standard, although the material is very soft glasses, but it is also a lot of different places. Now introduces the main materials under the glasses cloth, so that you can understand the details of the glasses cloth will bring you unnecessary damage.

The fiberglass fabric is more closely packed than the fiber of the conventional fabric, and the material itself is softer than the ordinary fabric. Ordinary fabric: only to clean the mirror, because the ordinary fabric can contain dirt without gaps, the rag on the surface will become dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber cloth: Wet can also emulsifie dirt and grease, and microfiber can be wiped more easily. The high water absorption allows it to clean the spilled liquid very quickly.

Fine fiber double velvet fabric: soft, gentle, full-bodied, but more single-faced cashmere.

Suede fabric: The feel and appearance are very similar to natural suede, delicate and smooth, soft and full, used to clean glasses without scratching the lens.

Under a high-magnification microscope, the fiberglass fabric is arranged more closely than the ordinary fabric fibers, and the material itself is softer than ordinary fabrics. This is because almost all of the glasses are film lenses, with seven layers of different functional films in front of and behind each standard lens. Ordinary cloth is even soft, and dust particles in the air for a long time will be embedded in the fabric of the interfiber space, and the cloth glasses are exaggerated like sandpaper. Professional glasses cloth is much better in this regard, but also pay attention to regular cleaning.


1. Extend the life of the glasses.

2. Prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping the dandruff of the lens and leaving moisture.

3. Thoroughly remove the stubborn stains on the lens to make the screen clear.

4, one-time wipe lens cleaning, fast and convenient.

5, remove the bacteria on the lens to achieve disinfection.

6, cleaning all kinds of glass, resin and other materials, glass mirrors, glass mirrors and other mirrors, remove stains, absorb grease.

7, wrapped glasses can play a buffering role, effectively preventing collisions or sharp hard objects scratched.

8. Absorb the water attached to the frame and keep it dry.

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