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What is the difference between microfibre glasses cleaning cloths?
Mar 20, 2018

In the current market, there is a very popular brand new material for eyeglass fabrics, which is a microfibre eyewear cleaning cloth made in a pure natural way. It is understood that this kind of material microfiber glasses cleaning cloth not only feels very smooth, but also easy to clean


The main materials used in the cleaning cloths used in the week are three types of chemical fiber, cotton and bamboo fibers. Among them, chemical fiber products are produced using petrochemical substances, oil is difficult to clean, detergents are required, water absorption is extremely poor, and static electricity is generated. After use, it is slippery, off-taste, and greasy. While cotton fabrics are environmentally friendly, they are extremely difficult to clean and are slippery, odoriferous, and stiff after use. The ultra-fine fiber glasses cleaning cloth pure ultra-fine material for the extraction of fiber raw materials.


It can be seen that the raw material of this microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is natural and environmentally friendly, and it also has a unique natural antibacterial health care, removes odor, self-cleaning and self-cleaning functions, and is cleansed with oil, cleansed with clean water, and used for a long time. It will not be slippery, smelly, greasy, hard, and always bright and supple.


Microfiber glasses cleaning cloth also has excellent cleaning ability. Due to the superior texture of the material, strong and strong, there will be no phenomenon of fiber shedding. And when it is clean, it will not cause any surface damage to the glasses. The microfiber cleaning cloth also captures dust, grease and dirt evenly through its small, delicate loops, leaving no trace.


This microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth has excellent water absorption capacity and has many voids that can quickly diffuse into the cloth. For the user, the microfiber glasses cleaning cloth also has the advantages of quick cleaning of dust, removal of stains, dirt, no traces on the surface, and very durable.

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