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What is the material of superfine fiber cloth?
Mar 12, 2018

What material is microfiber cloth? The raw material of superfine fiber cloth is generally said to be polyester brocade compound silk. Whether it is nylon, polyester or other as long as the fiber 0.3 denier is superfine fiber. But actually in the production of fabrics when such fine fiber is very difficult to do, now the market on the 1.0 denier is called superfine fiber cloth.

The definition of superfine fiber is different, generally the fiber degree 0.3 denier (5 microns in diameter) is called superfine fiber. 0.00009 denier filaments have been produced abroad, and the weight of such a wire from the Earth to the moon will not exceed 5 grams. The superfine fibers of 0.13-0.3 denier have been produced in China at present.

Because of the fineness of superfine fiber, the stiffness of the filament is greatly reduced, make the fabric feel extremely soft, fiber fine also can increase the layer structure of silk, increase specific surface area and capillary effect, make the fiber internal reflection light distribute more delicate on the surface, make it have the elegant luster of pure silk, and have good hygroscopicity and disperses wet sex. Using superfine fiber as clothing, comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, has a better drape and fullness, in the hydrophobic and anti-fouling has also been significantly improved, the use of large specific surface area and soft characteristics can be designed to different structures to absorb the sun heat energy or faster loss of temperature to the winter warm summer cool role.

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