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What is the Micro Fiber Towel Functions?
Mar 19, 2018

Superfine fibre in cleaning items just add a small amount of detergent auxiliary clean, can achieve the ideal effect. Convenient and save time. Of its high strength long silk, not break off from the clean cloth, not dropping. Superfine fiber fabric is light, strong and elastic characteristics and antimicrobial ability.

According to this ability, the superfine fiber towel has the following several ways:

1, as beauty towel, can moderate chamfer, much better than using chemical products.

2, do dry hair cap, dry hair towel, bath towel, fast water absorption, protect hair from hair dryer, in the winter, on a business trip, very convenient. 3 minutes to go out, out of the shower, gently pressure, the water soon drained, not cold and prevent mildew, antibacterial oh.

3, it will take that computer screen, spectacles, lens cleaning cloth, such as will not scratch the surface, and decontamination ability quickly, quickly clean.

4, do dishcloth, super good, degreasing, decontamination, but pay attention to do dishcloth with words, must be used wet, or dirt stuck up, it is difficult to wash, wet use, convenient cleaning up a lot.

Large Microfiber Beach Towel .jpg

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