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What you don't know is the difference between a microfiber cloth and a plain cotton fabric.
Mar 12, 2018

The concept of microfiber appeared as early as the 1940s, what is superfine fiber, what are the specific application of superfine fiber, what are the advantages of superfine fiber, I believe we have been clear, but microfiber cloth and ordinary cotton fiber is different, why now superfine fiber so popular, the following to solve the mystery:

1, cotton cotton fiber strength is low, after wiping the surface of the object will leave a lot of broken fiber debris. Superfine fiber cloth belongs to long fiber, high fiber strength, strong toughness. The use of the basic material will not be left on the surface of the body of fiber debris, and by virtue of its own micro-static effect can also absorb a variety of dander.

2, wipe the object, ordinary cotton fabric to be rubbed on the surface of the dust, grease, dirt and other direct inhalation of the fiber interior, after the use of the remaining in the fiber is not easy to remove, using a longer period of time will become hard to lose elasticity, the impact of use, and microfiber fabric can effectively solve the above deficiencies. The fiber diameter of microfiber fabric is only 0.4μm, the fineness of fiber is only 1/20 of silk, its special wedge-shaped cross-section, can more effectively capture even a few microns of dust particles, the adsorption of dirt on the fiber (rather than the inside of the fiber), coupled with high fiber, density, after the sticky dirt very easy to clean, Unless you are contaminated with stubborn grease, do not need any chemical detergent to wash, use ordinary laundry soap, gently rub in warm water to clean it.

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