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Where is better of the microfiber glass cleaning cloth?
Sep 10, 2018

In modern life, the application of glass products has been quite extensive. In order to maintain aesthetics, we need to clean the glass regularly. In the process of wiping the glass surface with a cleaning cloth, the problem of fluffing is often encountered. The most important feature of the microfiber glass cleaning cloth is that it does not lint. It adopts high-strength synthetic fiber filaments, which is not easy to break. At the same time, it adopts the fine weaving method, does not take the wire, does not take off the ring, and the fiber is not easy to fall off from the surface.


Therefore, we can use a microfiber glass cleaning cloth to wipe the bright glass surface, such as cleaning the glass during the car film process, which can achieve a very good film effect. The market is called "glass cloth", which is specially used to wipe all kinds of smooth surfaces such as glass and screen. Suitable for clean surface of glass, automotive glass, computer screen, LCD screen, lens, etc.


Compared with other cleaning cloths, the microfiber glass cleaning cloth is more durable, does not drop the fluff, leaves no traces, and does not damage the surface. Microfiber glass cleaning cloth has good water absorption, whether it is window glass, automobile glass, ceramic tile, fish tank, water glass, mirror, glasses, faucet, LCD screen, countertop, coffee table, etc.

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