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Why use microfibers to make eyeglass fabrics?
Apr 08, 2018

Microfiber clean cloth is a new era of high-tech products. The ultra-fine fiber clean cloth is a composite ultrafine fiber with fine fineness, high strength, and spontaneous dust close to zero. It is specially processed to produce a dense and extremely soft clean cloth. .

The use of microfibers to make eyeglasses cloth allows the eyeglasses cloth to have stronger absorption, softness and fineness, toughness, no hair loss, no static electricity generation, and efficient cleaning of dust, oil stains and hand lines on the surface of the objects without damaging them. surface. The use of microfibers to make eyeglasses is beautiful, lightweight, durable, and easy to store.

Microfibers are generally used as wipes. Such as for all kinds of glass, coating, resin lens, lens wipe, can also be used for all kinds of dense lines, laser records, recording, video heads, TV screens, etc.; can also be used for industrial wipes such as LSI, IC computers, precision Mechanical cleaning, microelectronics production, advanced mirror production and other purification room fabrics; and daily cleaning cloth upscale furniture, lacquerware, car glass and body, jewelry and other cleaning cloths.

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