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Wiping cloth performance
Jul 31, 2018

Wiping cloth

1. Hygienic and efficient German Kalle cleaning cloth is made of pure wood pulp and cotton by special process. It has excellent softness and can be folded into any shape to wipe all corners. It does not produce chemical pollution twice during use. After leaving no dander, never damage the surface of the object.

2, with super self-cleaning, easy to air dry, no odor and odor, and can withstand high temperatures above 95 degrees, can be used for high temperature disinfection. The utility model overcomes the defects that the traditional rag is not easy to dry, adheres to stains, is not resistant to high temperature, and is easy to breed bacteria to produce odor. Kalle dry sponge cleaning cloth can be stored permanently.

3, super strong structure, good wear resistance, tear resistance (20%). It does not contain chemical fiber components and can be washed by machine washing machine and any household cleaning agent. It has long service life and effectively reduces daily use cost.

4, super absorbent (5L / square meter, water absorption is 20 times its own), strong ability to absorb dirt, quickly absorb water stains, overcome the traditional rags can not dry, not bright enough and leave the yarn trouble. The cotton sponge cloth has a small affinity with the oil stain, and it is easy to clean with dirt, and the water molecules are easily penetrated in the sponge, and the oil is easily washed out.

5, can use different colors to distinguish between different areas of cleaning.

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