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Experience Of Hong Kong Electronics Fair In April 2018
Apr 24, 2018

The show received a lot of goods and customers from all over the world visited our booth. Exchanged business cards with each other and entered in-depth talks. After understanding the customer's needs, the customer plan will be given soon. The customer is very satisfied and will give us an official order after returning home. Some customers also need to continue tracking, and the probability of becoming single is also very high. Although there are many of our peers, the entire system is very regular, regardless of our services, production, or delivery. Our factory passed the BSCI verification, which is a great affirmation to us and our customers are more at ease.

Four days of exhibition, full of goods received. It is the unremitting efforts of the salesman. The satisfaction of the customer is a great recognition of our company.

The customer sent the artwork, and it is also possible to arrange the proofing to be sent to the customer as soon as possible. Here, we also sincerely invite customers to visit our factory.

After this exhibition, the following points were summarized:

1. Determine what the main product we want to push is. What are the main products used by this product?

2. According to the set target companies, the most concentrated exhibition of the target company will be the target exhibition.

3. Make detailed understanding of ticket acquisition and classification of exhibition halls in advance to determine the objectives of the exhibition and the results to be achieved.

4. Prepare the Raiders in advance, determine the financial budget, time budget, route arrangements and the means of transportation to be used, determine the business cards and promotional materials to be used.

In short, we must participate in the exhibition, but we must make preparations. We can analyze the major exhibitions around the world to see which exhibitions match our current flagship products. Although we may not be able to do so, we look The world’s perspective and thinking must be cultivated.