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Factory Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Digital Printing Glasses Pouch
May 11, 2018

1. Made of microfiber material with special processing, delicate and soft surface, low carbon and environmental protection, good effect of water absorption and dust removal

2. Can provide silk screen, hot stamping, thermal transfer, thermal sublimation, digital printing and other printing methods, the LOGO printed on the glasses cloth intuitive and environmentally friendly. According to the customer LOGO, the pattern is vivid and lively, with strong publicity effect and brand effect. The environmental protection absorbs oil and dust and does not affect the wiping effect.

3. According to customer specified color and specifications of goods. Colors are blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, red, white, black, gray, etc. Specifications are 13*15cm, 15*15cm, 15*18cm, 15*20cm, 20*30cm, etc.

4. Suitable for glass, resin, electronics, LSI, IC computers, precision machining, microelectronics production, advanced mirrors, digital cameras, electrical appliances, glasses, lens lenses, CDs, recordings, video heads, TV screens, high-end appliances , Furniture, lacquer, car glass and body, jewelry, cleaning and wiping of watches, etc., will never damage the surface of the object.