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Glasses Cloth Is Not Used To Clean Glasses, You Use The Right?
Mar 12, 2018

The function of the spectacle cloth is not to wipe the glasses, but to wrap the glasses to avoid friction between the lenses and the glasses.

You might say, use a professional wiping paper or rinse with water under the faucet. Indeed, these methods can clean the lens stains while not damaging the lenses, but do not have the ability to cling to the dust and grease (many people have acne and blackheads on their noses) that are attached to the frames of the eyeglasses.

In fact, the best way to clean glasses is to go to the glasses shop to clean. They use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the glasses, can not damage the lenses at the same time, the glasses wash extremely clean, even the lens in the cracks in the dust and nose clips on the grease are cleaned.

Not only is the glasses shop, many senior nail shop will also use the ultrasonic cleaning machine before the nail to the customer to wash the nails. Even the industrial surface spraying is also used ultrasonic washing, such as the tool before electroplating, will use ultrasonic cleaning surface attachment (oil, dust, polishing wax), to ensure that the tool spotless, paint more tidy.